Cricket Stars Shine in UP State League!

Cricket fans, hold your applause because the Greater Noida Achievers Sports Cricket Ground witnessed some incredible action from October 25th to October 27th, 2023. The UP State League brought forth extraordinary talent and fierce competition. Today, we are here to celebrate our top cricket stars who illuminated this grand event.

Out of a pool of 100 talented players, only six were crowned as the cream of the crop. These individuals didn’t just play; they conquered the pitch with their exceptional skills, dedication, and sportsmanship.

Rank 1 – Brajesh: Brajesh’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. His precise batting and agile bowling made him a standout player throughout the league. He demonstrated unparalleled consistency in scoring runs in all 4 matches, making him a deserving Rank 1 player.

Rank 2 – Sudeep: Sudeep’s cricket prowess left spectators in awe. His outstanding batting and intelligent strategy proved invaluable to his team. His ability to adapt to various situations earned him a well-deserved Rank 2 position.

Rank 3 – Rishi: Rishi’s finesse in batting and fielding was a true spectacle. His versatility as a player and his unwavering determination landed him in the third position. He’s a name to watch in the cricket world.

Rank 4 – Yug Gupta: Yug Gupta’s performance brought excitement to the league. His explosive batting style and reliable bowling made him an integral asset to his team. He earned the fourth rank, and his journey is just beginning.

Rank 5 – Ekalavya Singh: Ekalavya Singh showcased his exceptional skills, impressing everyone with his splendid wicket keeping abilities. His remarkable consistency and a flair for taking wickets secured him the fifth position.

Rank 6 – Samar: Samar’s performance was an inspiration to aspiring cricketers. His brilliant batting and  fielding and well-timed shots earned him the sixth rank. He is undoubtedly a player who possesses immense potential.


These six cricket stars have not only made us proud but have also set a benchmark for excellence. Their remarkable journey in the UP State League serves as a testament to their hard work, commitment, and sheer talent. They are the future of cricket, and we eagerly anticipate their future triumphs on the national and international stage.

These players are not just names on a scorecard; they represent the spirit of cricket, the passion, and the potential that this sport embodies. We salute their achievements and eagerly look forward to witnessing more spectacular performances from them in the future. Congratulations to our top performers – you are the shining stars of the cricketing world!

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